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A small contribution to nature conservation

How JENZ is developing new tracts of land in the Chilean Andes

"It is not just a case of carrying out a job, it's also to do with us making a small contribution to nature conservation" said Fernando Guerrero as we stood in front of the huge charred tree trunks in Araukanien, a mountainous region of the Chilean Andes with heights of up to 5000 m which is almost totally covered in volcanoes, some of which are still active.

The area got its name from the ...

01.04.2014 | Mobile chipper | A small contribution to nature conservation

Same width, a little higher and more power

How JENZ took on a huge challenge and what this has to do with ice lollies

Lübeck. A paddle handle isn't just there for paddling, one can also find it very useful when eating ice cream. "Paddle shaped" wooden sticks are, for example, hidden in Langnese's classic "Magnum" ice cream. These are made by Karl-Otto Knauf GmbH & Co. KG in Stockelsdorf, just to the north of Lübeck. The company is a medium-sized traditional company with around 120 employees. ...

01.04.2014 | Further machines | Same width, a little higher and more power

Trust in the JENZ brand

Jean-Marc Fragnière is one of the most important customers in Switzerland

Friborg, Switzerland. The fact that a farmer has more tractors than the manufacturer’s branch offi ce is rather unusual. However, it is the case with Jean-Marc Fragnière. M. Fragnière, who comes from Switzerland and speaks French, has 14 John Deere tractors which he most defi nitely needs.

The 53-year-old runs a farming operation in the third generation with around 55 ha ...

22.01.2014 | Mobile chipper | Trust in the JENZ brand

“Once I looked over the rim of the plate”

Why German Pellets uses a JENZ HEM 700 DL mobile chipper

Wismar/Herbrechtingen. German Pellets GmbH is one of the largest producers and dealers of wood pellets in the world. The German company was founded in Wismar in 2005, and produces wood pellets and livestock bedding products at 19 locations in Germany, Austria and the USA. In this case one really can say that German Pellets are one of the so-called “global players” in this market segment.

The group of ...

22.01.2014 | Mobile chipper | “Once I looked over the rim of the plate”

A master craftsman’s performance

How JENZ converted a 16-year-old shredder into an almost completely new machine

Petershagen-Wegholm. The old saying says “you always meet twice in a lifetime”. The fact that this piece of wisdom can also apply to the relationship between man and machine is, however quite new. Wolfgang Benditte experienced this very thing when the 53-year-old JENZ service manager was given the task of rebuilding the AZ 35 waste fragmentising belonging to Roider GmbH to make it ...

22.01.2014 | Biomass processors | A master craftsman’s performance

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