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More power, less consumption

With a Fendt 1050 and the JENZ HEM 820 Z power takeoff shaft chipper, Josef Sturm currently owns the most powerful combination available. The businessman from Bavaria says "I'm completely satisfied"

Aindling-Hausen (jkr). This is a combination you just have to see: the most powerful Fendt working together with the biggest JENZ-power takeoff shaft chipper. And the master of this powerful technology is Josef Sturm, businessman from Bavarian Hausen, a village in the ...

02.01.2018 | Mobile chipper | More power, less consumption

A machine in perfection

Klaus Euringer reports on his experience with the first "Cobra" in Bavaria

Neustadt-Arresting (jkr). The little Bavarian community of Arresting, which is part of Neustadt village and sits in an idyllic location on a slightly hilly rise, has just under 100 residents. The Danube snakes its way through the countryside only around 3 km to the south. It is 45 km to Regensburg in the east, 30 km to Ingolstadt in the west and 100 km to Munich in the south. Klaus Euringer ...

01.08.2017 | Mobile chipper | A machine in perfection

Chipping at a very, very high standard

Patrick Windhorst from RoWin GmbH is so convinced about the quality ...

24.03.2017 | Mobile chipper | Chipping at a very, very high standard

High-powered andcomfortable to operate

Why Anders Eid Hohle from Norway decided to buythe first HEM 821 DQ Cobra hybrid

Brandbu/Norway (ehe). Anders Eid Hohle lives and works in Brandbu, located between Norway's capital Osloand the ski paradise of Lillehammer. The Norwegian founded the BioDrift company together with his family in 2009, and since then he has specialised in the production of woodchippings.

The Hohle family has gathered experience in the production of woodchippings over many years. ...

01.03.2017 | Mobile chipper | High-powered andcomfortable to operate

Into the woods with the sleeping cab as a trailer

The Erste Berliner Kompostierungs- gesellschaft (EBK) and their new HEM 583 R chipper truck

Berlin(jkr). Siegfried Edel is an old hand. The horticultural engineer has dealt with nature for his entire professional life, and especially composting, recycling, disposal in addition to the production and marketing of energy wood. The 68-year-old is general manager of EBK Berliner Kompostierungsgesellschaft mbH. "The four founders at the time were all landscaping contractors who ...

15.12.2016 | Mobile chipper | Into the woods with the sleeping cab as a trailer

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