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BA 725 EL - plug instead of pump nozzle

AVA commissions second electric ...

01.01.1970 | Biomass processors | BA 725 EL - plug instead of pump nozzle

One year HEM 841 Z – stay flexible, split the risks

Users report from the field

Petershagen (ghm). JENZ presented the new HEM 841 Z PTO chipper in summer 2018. These machines were designed for the large tractor class and have now been successfully in use for a little over a year. The largest PTO chipper ever built by JENZ requires an appropriately strong towing vehicle with a power requirement of between 180 and 400 kW, and this requires considerable investment.Is this investment worth it and how was practical experience with ...
11.11.2019 | Mobile chipper | One year HEM 841 Z – stay flexible, split the risks

Estonia: a lot of heat generated from woody biomass

Dealer AUTRA OÜ benefits from energy independence from Russia

Tallinn, Estonia (ghm). Estonia is one of the least populated countries in Europe. Only about 1.3 million people live in the small Baltic state, which has only been independent since 1991. Since more than half of the country is covered with forest, about half of the population lives in the capital Tallinn. JENZ dealer AUTRA OÜ is also headquartered in the country's largest city. Since 2004, the com-pany, which is now almost ...

01.01.1970 | Mobile chipper | Estonia: a lot of heat generated from woody biomass

Black Beast BA 725 DL

Daniel Döring – keeping a balance between haulage and an agricultural and forestry private contractor

Diepholz (ghm). Ever since President George W Bush’s term of office, the armoured limousines used by US Presidents have been called “The Beast”. However, you can find the “Black Beast” at Daniel Döring’s agricultural and forestry private contracting company. The private contracting company from Diepholz has been owner of a BA 725 DL biomass processor as a ...

11.11.2019 | Biomass processors | Black Beast BA 725 DL

From chipping manufacture up to disposal

Günther Gansberger extends his range

Weistrach (ghm). Günther Gansberger has been successfully active in the woodchippings branch for the last 18 years. His targets: high woodchippings quality, being on time and a wide range of services. The company is in action with a range of machines for woodchippings production and tree removal in lower and upper Austria, and also in the Styria. The machinery fleet was extended by an HEM 593 Cobra in March 2019 so that they could offer even ...

17.09.2019 | Mobile chipper | From chipping manufacture up to disposal

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