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A faithful customer

What municipal syndicate Minett-Kompost is intending to do with the 725 D biomass processor

Esch-Uelzecht/Luxembourg. The term syndicate means an organisational consortium of several districts for the implementation of major regional projects. "Syndicate" comes from French (syndicat) and means something like "administrator", especially with regard to a specific geographical area. Minett-Kompost in Luxembourg is such a syndicate.

In 1994, sixteen ...

24.03.2015 | Biomass processors | A faithful customer

New partner on the Bosporus

Forsen distributes JENZ machines in Turkey

Istanbul. Turkey is a fascinating country. Istanbul, especially, is considered to be the centre for culture, trade, finance and media with its round 14 million residents. The largest city in Turkey is also the only capital in the world which is located on two continents. The city area stretches along both sides of the Bosporus, which is the narrow strait between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The north-western area of Istanbul ...

03.11.2014 | Biomass processors | New partner on the Bosporus

Huge task for a huge shredder

How Manfred Neuhauser uses his new BA 725

St. Pantaleon, Austria. With its 255 km of length, the Salzach is the longest tributary of the River Inn in Austria and Germany. As one of the largest Alpine rivers, it drains the eastern High Tauern mountains northwards. The river has its source in the Kitzbühler Alps to the west of Salzburg and joins the River Inn coming from the west in the Überackern basin.

The Salzach forms the boundary between Austria and Germany along a ...

09.07.2014 | Biomass processors | Huge task for a huge shredder

Not a double Lottchen

Why the city of Stuttgart needs two BA 725s at once

Stuttgart. Zuffenhausen is known the world over as Porsche AG's production location. Most people from Stuttgart, however, know Zuffenhausen because of its compost works. This is, in fact, extremely popular. And this is exactly why Thomas Hill has a problem. "The space is really restricted" says the Head of Services for the market garden and composting services in the city of Stuttgart. Depending on the ...

01.04.2014 | Biomass processors | Not a double Lottchen

A master craftsman’s performance

How JENZ converted a 16-year-old shredder into an almost completely new machine

Petershagen-Wegholm. The old saying says “you always meet twice in a lifetime”. The fact that this piece of wisdom can also apply to the relationship between man and machine is, however quite new. Wolfgang Benditte experienced this very thing when the 53-year-old JENZ service manager was given the task of rebuilding the AZ 35 waste fragmentising belonging to Roider GmbH to make it ...

22.01.2014 | Biomass processors | A master craftsman’s performance

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