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A master craftsman’s performance

How JENZ converted a 16-year-old shredder into an almost completely new machine

Petershagen-Wegholm. The old saying says “you always meet twice in a lifetime”. The fact that this piece of wisdom can also apply to the relationship between man and machine is, however quite new. Wolfgang Benditte experienced this very thing when the 53-year-old JENZ service manager was given the task of rebuilding the AZ 35 waste fragmentising belonging to Roider GmbH to make it ...

22.01.2014 | Biomass processors | A master craftsman’s performance

Multi-talent BA 725

Private contractors discover new application for biomass processor

BA 725 was originally developed for compost preparation or fragmentisation of route and standing timber. A new operational area in biogas plants is increasingly opening up. Here, a finely fragmentised substrate is required in order to achieve higher biogas yields. The smaller the material, the better the gas yield. Increasing substrate costs in addition to adherence to bonus-relevant laws have encouraged many ...

01.08.2013 | Biomass processors | Multi-talent BA 725

Bonus points when handling impurities

Michael Wagner gives JENZ a 2nd chance.

Linz/Austria. Michael Wagner is project engineer for the Linz AG in Austria. Linz is around 80 km from the German border town of Passau and is the capital of Upper Austria. With its 190,000 residents, Linz is the third-largest city in the Republic of Austria after Vienna and Graz. Keeping the energy supply going in the important Danube city is a huge task, and is surely a great challenge to Linz AG. The city's own holding company also ...
02.04.2012 | Biomass processors | Bonus points when handling impurities

Energy revolution flourishing anew

Eiselfing. Biogas plants ferment biomasses in order to produce biogas, mostly methane. The latter can be burned, which means it can be converted into electricity or heat energy.

In this case "bio" does not necessarily mean sustainability or origination from ecological farming, but labels the vegetable or animal origin of the input material. All "biogenic" substances, in other words materials originating from living creatures, are suitable for processing in a ...
02.04.2012 | Biomass processors | Energy revolution flourishing anew

The second bride.

Heinrich Lieberum has worked more than 15.000 hours on his AZ 55

Immenhausen/Wegholm. Heinrich Lieberum is married and has two daughters. The company owner spends a lot of time with his family and also at work. Lieberum produces chippings in the Kassel, Göttingen and Northeim region to supply biomass for gardening companies and local authorities.

He doesn't do this by himself, of course, and he is always accompanied by his JENZ waste fragmentiser, the AZ 55. ...
02.05.2008 | Biomass processors | The second bride.

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