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Zeller Naturenergie GmbH & Co. KG

Since May 2006 the new AZ 660 D of JENZ company has been crushing at Zeller Naturenergie & Co. KG in a wide field of applications.

(ubi) In the beginning, they only composted green waste on the plant existing since 1990. An earthworks and in the middle of the 90s the composting of biological waste was added. In the meantime, the processing of supplied green waste has been changed from pure composting to the production of biological mass.

The composting became ...
01.11.2006 | Biomass processors | Zeller Naturenergie GmbH & Co. KG

Bruno and Franz have got a new friend - Ludwig Why RWG Leese gave the new JENZ machine its name

Nienburg-Leese. Pet cats have got human names, dogs as well. There's nothing new about that. There is, however, something new about the fact that JENZ machines are given names like Anton, Bruno or Franz. This is the way it is at RWG in Leese.

"Anton", for example, is the name of the first waste fragmentiser which RWG bought from JENZ in 1989 - it was an AZ 50 with 300 hp. Further machines were added later, and they were given names as well: Bruno, Daniel, Erwin, ...
02.05.2008 | Biomass processors | Bruno and Franz have got a new friend - Ludwig Why RWG Leese gave the new JENZ machine its name

"Plenty of work, plenty of blades“

Hjallerup is a small town in the north of Denmark. The Gemidan company has set itself up at the edge of the town.

Gemidan stands for "Genanvendelse og Miljø i Danmark“, which means that the company deals with re-utilisation and environmental issues in Denmark. "We operate a mobile fleet of machines, and we run them out to our customers and fragmentiser their garden waste. We mostly make compost out of the results" says Tobias Hoffmann, who is responsible for ...
02.05.2008 | Biomass processors | "Plenty of work, plenty of blades“

Biomass processing extends the range of services

Alberschwende/Vorarlberg/Austria. Alberschwende is located in Vorarlberg, Austria's westernmost Federal state, in the Bregenz district south of Lake Constance. The region is also known as the Bregenz Forest. This is no wonder, because 40% of the region consists of forest. This makes paying more attention to timber as a raw material common sense.

Eiler GmbH has been doing this since 1959, when senior partner Erich Eiler founded a timber trading company. Thanks to his tireless ...

02.04.2009 | Biomass processors | Biomass processing extends the range of services

The appearance was the crucial factor!

When Ludwig Wiesinger from Zell/ Hetzenbach founded an agricultural sideline business in 1992, he certainly didn't anticipate what was going to happen to him over the next few years.
02.04.2009 | Biomass processors | The appearance was the crucial factor!

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