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With a view to the future

 Belarusian company "RindiBel" operates two JENZ chippers and is considered to be a pioneer in the woodchippings market

Volkovysk (Belarus). Direct foreign investment is not uncommon in Belarus. Especially in the area of renewable energies, the country is reliant on financial support from foreign companies in order to achieve its ambitious climate protection targets and to reduce its import dependency in the energy sector. The JC JSC RindiBel company has chosen ...
25.05.2016 | Mobile chipper | With a view to the future

The Möslingers are moving forward

Austrian invests in infrastructure and a new HEM 593 Z with hydraulic blower

Gaspoltshofen/Austria. Philipp Möslinger is a person who knows his market precisely, has excellent networks and makes courageous decisions. The trained carpenter made one of these decisions in 2004 as he went self-employed at the age of 23. He didn't remain a carpenter, but changed to become a producer and trader of woodchippings.

Together with his wife Andrea, the likeable Austrian has built ...

11.01.2016 | Mobile chipper | The Möslingers are moving forward

Double is better

JENZ built a chipper truck with central blower and conveyor belt as well for the first time for Ritter Recycling GmbH

Aalen-Essingen. If there's anyone who knows everything about daily operation of JENZ machines, it's Peter Schock. The 47-year-old has been working for Kurt Ritter for the last 18 years. The latter first set himself up as an agricultural subcontractor in Essingen near Aalen (Baden-Württemberg), and later founded Ritter Recycling GmbH. "Kurt Ritter was ...

02.11.2015 | Mobile chipper | Double is better

A strong family

Roger, Germain and Linette Freymond set up a second mainstay 10 years ago with "Germaplaket"

Yverdon-les-Bains. The district of Waadtländer Nordjura in the French-speaking area of Switzerland is where Roger Freymond's family lives. The 59-year-old father (left) manages the "Germaplaket" company together with his son Germain (29, right) in the district capital of Yverdon-les-Bains . His wife Linette (centre) and a permanently employed worker complete the ...

12.08.2015 | Mobile chipper | A strong family

Two brothers, one opinion

Klaus and Stefan Neubrand are deploying three large JENZ machines

Grundsheim. "I somehow ended up making woodchippings after studying computer sciences" said Klaus Neubrand (48) and laughed. His brother Stefan (42) also grinned, because he has a masters degree as an electrical engineer in his pocket, even if he is working intensively with woodchippings now. The two brothers have been working together for seven years now. At first, they produced woodchippings for their ...

24.08.2015 | Mobile chipper | Two brothers, one opinion

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