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Unbeatable for biomasses and garden waste

Why KBA from Dithmarschen put their trust in the new BA 720.

Dithmarschen. Three letters, one mission - die KBA Aufbereitungs- und Verwertungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, which is located in Dithmarschen, is a classical certified specialist recycling company. The three letters stand for the three recycling categories.The "K" stands for compost, green material, bush cuttings and soils; The " B“ for construction waste, demolition material, building waste, ...
01.07.2010 | Biomass processors | Unbeatable for biomasses and garden waste

No such thing as can't

Biomass processing in Switzerland.

N.U.P Umweltpflegetechnik GmbH is one of the largest companies of its kind in Switzerland. A few months ago, a JENZ biomass processor was added to the company's machinery stock. We investigated why this machine suits the company so well.

24 tractors, 5 walking excavators, 5 wheel loaders, 5 mobile chippers, 7 brush cutting machines - That is only part of the impressive machinery owned by N.U.P GmbH in Winterthur in the Swiss canton ...
01.08.2011 | Biomass processors | No such thing as can't

How a BA 720 contributed to the success of Umweltpartner Vogel

Baden-Baden. Vogel Compost may be rather insignificant on an international scale and hardly noticeable nationally, but on a regional level, they are the top dogs.

That is the best way to describe this company. "Vogel Compost is as well known in our region as Coca-Cola," says Bernd Steiner. The branch manager of JENZ-Mitte in Germany should know, since he is familiar with the area around Baden-Baden and knows his customers.

This must bring a smile to Thomas ...
01.08.2011 | Biomass processors | How a BA 720 contributed to the success of Umweltpartner Vogel

Humuswirtschaft Kaditz (a humus management centre) has been relying on JENZ technology for 20 years now

Dresden-Kaditz. Karsten Fehrmann is an expert in flood water because his company, Humuswirtschaft Kaditz GmbH, is located right next to the River Elbe, that is to say only 200 m away from it. Actually, it‘s very difficult to quantify the distance precisely because the Elbe tends to come a bit nearer every so often, for example during the hundred-year-floods in 2002. Otherwise, the village of 5000 residents is in an idyllic location near the Radebeuler vineyards near Dresden. Kaditz has ...
01.11.2011 | Biomass processors | Humuswirtschaft Kaditz (a humus management centre) has been relying on JENZ technology for 20 years now

Unrelentingly on the road to success

Dieter Köbler is satisfied. "My two new shredders are working brilliantly" is what the businessman from Röttenbach (Bavaria) says about his two BA 725's, which he had delivered in May.

The two fragmentisers have worked through quite a bit of timber in the meantime, and the company's boss, Dieter Köbler, calls it a really worthwhile investment. The small version of the BA725 is mostly used for fragmentising garden waste and compost material. The larger version is ...

01.10.2012 | Biomass processors | Unrelentingly on the road to success

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