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"Because quality and service are right“

Why Tacke-Umweltservice sticks to JENZ technology.

Wagenfeld-Ströhen. Hermann Tacke has a solid job. For 20 years, the master agricultural mechanic worked in the water management department at Sulingen (Lower Saxony, Landkreis Diepholz). But one day his ideas went off in a different direction. In 1988, he founded the Tacke Umwelt- und Kommunalservice (environmental and communal service) with his wife Marianne. As the one-man company started, his equipment included a ...
02.04.2009 | Biomass processors | "Because quality and service are right“

Unbeatable for biomasses and garden waste

Why KBA from Dithmarschen put their trust in the new BA 720.

Dithmarschen. Three letters, one mission - die KBA Aufbereitungs- und Verwertungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG, which is located in Dithmarschen, is a classical certified specialist recycling company. The three letters stand for the three recycling categories.The "K" stands for compost, green material, bush cuttings and soils; The " B“ for construction waste, demolition material, building waste, ...
01.07.2010 | Biomass processors | Unbeatable for biomasses and garden waste

No such thing as can't

Biomass processing in Switzerland.

N.U.P Umweltpflegetechnik GmbH is one of the largest companies of its kind in Switzerland. A few months ago, a JENZ biomass processor was added to the company's machinery stock. We investigated why this machine suits the company so well.

24 tractors, 5 walking excavators, 5 wheel loaders, 5 mobile chippers, 7 brush cutting machines - That is only part of the impressive machinery owned by N.U.P GmbH in Winterthur in the Swiss canton ...
01.08.2011 | Biomass processors | No such thing as can't

How a BA 720 contributed to the success of Umweltpartner Vogel

Baden-Baden. Vogel Compost may be rather insignificant on an international scale and hardly noticeable nationally, but on a regional level, they are the top dogs.

That is the best way to describe this company. "Vogel Compost is as well known in our region as Coca-Cola," says Bernd Steiner. The branch manager of JENZ-Mitte in Germany should know, since he is familiar with the area around Baden-Baden and knows his customers.

This must bring a smile to Thomas ...
01.08.2011 | Biomass processors | How a BA 720 contributed to the success of Umweltpartner Vogel

Humuswirtschaft Kaditz (a humus management centre) has been relying on JENZ technology for 20 years now

Dresden-Kaditz. Karsten Fehrmann is an expert in flood water because his company, Humuswirtschaft Kaditz GmbH, is located right next to the River Elbe, that is to say only 200 m away from it. Actually, it‘s very difficult to quantify the distance precisely because the Elbe tends to come a bit nearer every so often, for example during the hundred-year-floods in 2002. Otherwise, the village of 5000 residents is in an idyllic location near the Radebeuler vineyards near Dresden. Kaditz has ...
01.11.2011 | Biomass processors | Humuswirtschaft Kaditz (a humus management centre) has been relying on JENZ technology for 20 years now

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