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"Close to being the ideal chipper"

Josef Kramer is positive when taking stock of the first 200 hours with his HEM 583 DL truck.

Flachau, Austria. "The way we've put the machine together with the chassis, the slewing ring, the crane and the hydraulic blower driven by the HGV engine means that it's pretty close to being an ideal chipper in my reckoning."Josef Kramer is providing the heavy-duty JENZ HEM 583 DL-Truck with an excellent report with this assessment. The only extra the Austrian can suggest in ...

03.11.2014 | Mobile chipper | "Close to being the ideal chipper"

A Tiger in the rotor

Why Lionel Jolly refers to his tractor and the HEM 820 DQ as "the monster"

Malaincourt/Vogesen. The Claas Xerion 3800 really does give off an awe-inspiring sound. The sonorous, quiet noise made by the Caterpillar (C9) six-cylinder engine with turbocharger and intercooler only gives the impression that it has 379 horsepower inside "between the lines". Lionel Jolly, chipper driver at SABELOR, a French service provider collaborating with the Perru Jean ...

03.11.2014 | Mobile chipper | A Tiger in the rotor

A tailor-made machine

How Mathias Schneider gets the best possible performance out of his new 593 Z

Sainbach. Mathias Schneider is a practical man. Mr Schneider, who was born in Bavaria, grew up on his parents' farm in Sainbach (district of Aichach-Friedberg, between Ingolstadt and Augsburg). In the meantime he has become a master farmer himself and runs his parents' farm. Sugar beet, maize, wheat and barley are the main crops. "We just don't have any time for livestock farming" he ...

03.11.2014 | Mobile chipper | A tailor-made machine

Protest using JENZ technology

Why Holger Schilling drove past the Havelland District Council building with his tractor and mobile chipper

Rathenow. Holger Schilling has accomplished a lot in his life. The man with the Berlin moustache ran a go-cart track in Rathenow (Brandenburg) for ten years, bought a former agricultural cooperative (LPG), started to produce woodchippings there, got into a dispute with the District Administrator in Havelland, demonstrated with his tractor and chipper in front of the ...

09.07.2014 | Mobile chipper | Protest using JENZ technology

Powerful, economic and great off-road

What Timo Hansen likes about his new chipper truck

Klinkrade. "Klick mol wedder rin." This (Plattdeutsch) is how the parish of Klinkrade greets its guests on its website. It is friendly, and has a touch of typical Hanseatic humour. Klinkrade is a parish in the district of Herzogtum Lauenburg (Schleswig Holstein), around 20 km south of Lübeck and 60 km East of Hamburg. The little village has just 650 residents, and one of these is Timo Hansen - a farmer with heart and ...

01.04.2014 | Mobile chipper | Powerful, economic and great off-road

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