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New-found freedom while chipping

Centric blower for HEM 582 R chipper truck

JENZ now offers a centric blower with hydraulic drive as an optional fi tting for its HEM 582 R chipper truck. This result in considerable advantages during daily operations.

The first chipper truck, which was the starting gun for an incomparable success story, was delivered six years ago. The compact dimensions coupled with enormous power, high mobility and a unique drive concept has made this machine the bestseller ...

01.08.2013 | Mobile chipper | New-found freedom while chipping

"JENZ builds machines the way I would have built them"

Ulrich Laschütza and his HEM 582 Z with hydraulic blower...

Rödinghausen. Ulrich Laschütza just loves agricultural machine technology. This is the reason that Mr Laschütza, now 44, decided not to study after his A-levels but to train as an agricultural machinery mechanic. Once he had finished this, he qualified in his master's diploma. Mr Laschütza, who comes from Rödinghausen, had already gone self-employed at the age of 18 as a private contractor with a combine ...

01.03.2013 | Mobile chipper | "JENZ builds machines the way I would have built them"

The best woodchippings in Tirol

Heinz Lener works with four coarse chippers and a biomass processor from JENZ

Heinz Lener, a farmer's son, went self-employed 28 years ago. Nowadays he manages a private contracting company with 14 employees together with his son Martin. The successful entrepreneur spoke to us about the development of the company and his own philosophies. Buying wood, crushing it and selling it again - that sounds very simple, but it requires sophisticated logistics and is the main breadwinner ...

01.03.2013 | Mobile chipper | The best woodchippings in Tirol

Graanul Invest produces wood pellets, and needs a stationary JENZ HE 700 STA chipper with 610 hp electric drive

Riga. Woodh pellets are rod-shaped pellets with a diameter of less than 25 mm. They consist mostly of wood, and are mostly used as a fuel in special heating systems. However, pellets don't grow on trees or in fields but are produced from wood or from sawmi.

Graanul Invest is an expert in so-called "pelleting". The company operates five locations in the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and according to its information is one of the top five European pallet ...
01.10.2012 | Mobile chipper | Graanul Invest produces wood pellets, and needs a stationary JENZ HE 700 STA chipper with 610 hp electric drive

There's never been anything like this before

Claude Reckinger has a chipper truck built with the HEM 820 R.

Oberglabach/Luxemburg. Claude Reckinger does not have to travel far to get to Germany. Mr Reckinger, 51, only has to drive around 30 km from Oberglabach to leave Luxemburg. When he does, he crosses the Rhine at Echternach and is then in the Eifel region around 20 km from the brewery town of Bitburg. 

However Claude Reckinger doesn‘t cross the border to drink German beer, but to work. The farmer has been ...

01.06.2012 | Mobile chipper | There's never been anything like this before

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