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There's never been anything like this before

Claude Reckinger has a chipper truck built with the HEM 820 R.

Oberglabach/Luxemburg. Claude Reckinger does not have to travel far to get to Germany. Mr Reckinger, 51, only has to drive around 30 km from Oberglabach to leave Luxemburg. When he does, he crosses the Rhine at Echternach and is then in the Eifel region around 20 km from the brewery town of Bitburg. 

However Claude Reckinger doesn‘t cross the border to drink German beer, but to work. The farmer has been ...

01.06.2012 | Mobile chipper | There's never been anything like this before

The origin of the JENZ Chippertruck

Businessmen Dieter and Tobias Richter from Neukirchen in the Erz mountains have developed a mobile chipper which is now being manufactured and sold by JENZ as a "Chippertruck" in this form. We will now explain how this happened.

In 1990, Dieter Richter founded a small service company entitled "Roadways upkeep service" together with his brother-in-law. Tree surgery, in other words the removal of rotten branches, cutting roads free and felling problem trees, ...
19.03.2013 | Mobile chipper | The origin of the JENZ Chippertruck

J & S Vicary

Where we are going is far more important than where we have come from.
Jon Vicary is the owner of one of the UK’s largest successful chipping operations. Born on a hill farm in south Wales, he left school at the age of 16 with just one O level. It is testament to his personal drive that he went on to acquire more qualifications than I have room to list in this article, eventually ending up as Head of Higher Education at Bishop Burton College In East Yorkshire. But then he was made ...
02.04.2012 | Mobile chipper | J & S Vicary

Better, quieter, more economic

Why the new HEM 582 Z with conveyor belt is so convincing
Frankenberg. The Viessmann Group claims to be one of the leading manufacturers of heating technology systems. The company, which was founded in 1917, now employs more than 9000 workers at 23 locations in 11 countries. The headquarters is in Allendorf an der Eder (Siegerland), around halfway between Kassel and Siegen. The Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis (German Sustainability Award) was presented to the company on 4 November ...
19.03.2013 | Mobile chipper | Better, quieter, more economic

Chipping hardwoods caringly and safely in two stages

Wie sich der Bosnier Galic Dragisa überzeugen lässt, den HEM 700 DL einzusetzen.

Banja Luka (jk). Aus Banja Luka (Bosnien und Herzegowina) stammen einige herausragende Handballer. Velimir Petkovic zum Beispiel, seit 2004 Trainer bei Handball-Bundesligist Frisch Auf Göppingen, oder Malik Besirevic, ehemaliger Torwart von GWD Minden.

Seit September 2012 hat Dragisa einen JENZ HEM 700 DL mit Caterpillar-Motor (776 PS) in Betrieb. Davor häckselte der Bosnier das ...

01.10.2012 | Mobile chipper | Chipping hardwoods caringly and safely in two stages

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