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Giving up is not an option

After the major fires in Portugal, Leal & Soares L.A. buys two new BA 725s for substrate processing

Mira (ghm). Leal & Soares S.A has been in existence since 1990 with locations in Spain and Portugal. With its 110 employees the company develops compost from residual forestry materials, mainly from maritime pine bark, for use in organic substrate and compost production. This year the company had two brand-new BA 725 biomass processors delivered.

Leal & Soares ...

12.11.2018 | Biomass processors | Giving up is not an option

Make something new out of the old

Why Wilhelm Kemming GmbH gave a 23 year-old AZ 35 D a general overhaul

Rosswein (jkr). Haßlau is part of Rosswein, a small town in Saxony with a population of around 7600. Here, Thomas Kemming runs a company providing agricultural services. These include, for example, crop cultivation from seeding up to harvesting, and for the last 45 years it has also included growth removal from railway tracks using road/rail vehicles. This means cutting the wood alongside railway tracks ...

22.03.2018 | Biomass processors | Make something new out of the old

Screen basket and blade replacement at breakneck speed

Oliver Lehmann from Erdenwerk Rommel praises high throughput and maintenance-friendliness of the new BA 915 D

Wachenroth (jkr). JENZ presented its new BA 915 D biomass processor at the IFAT, the worldwide trade fair for the water, wastewater, waste and raw material industries in Munich (30th May to 3rd June 2016). The shredder was specifically developed to optimise processes during composting and treatment of substrates. The machine presented at the IFAT is now working for ...

01.12.2016 | Biomass processors | Screen basket and blade replacement at breakneck speed

A number which speaks for itself

André Sauer's AZ 55 with caterpillar tracks has already got 16,500 operating hours on the clock

Briesen. Andreas Weiß compares the number of operating hours which the JENZ AZ 55 D Tiger shredder has on the clock with "Songs of Praise": around 16,500 hours. The AZ 55 has been carrying out its work reliably at the Lausitzer Gesellschaft für Bodenwertstoffe und Landschaftsbau mbH (PLB) in Briesen in addition to FS Energieholz GmbH, located in Obergurig, since its ...

14.12.2015 | Biomass processors | A number which speaks for itself

The lucky number is 15

In Saxony-Anhalt, farmers have shares in their own biogas facility

Brumby/Nordgermersleben. It is six years since a few farmers in the "Hohen Börde", a community in the rural district of Börde in Saxony-Anhalt, got together to inform themselves about the consequences of the low market price for grain for the first time. A sum of 15 million euros was the result, which 15 farmers from a radius of 15 km invested in a biogas facility. "That was a long and stony ...

28.08.2015 | Biomass processors | The lucky number is 15

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