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Just snip it off instead of sawing it

Woodcracker C 350 at agricultural contractor Uwe Drinkuth

Chainsaws, and also felling units with a circular saw cutter, quickly become blunt if they come into contact with soil due to their high speed. A "slow" cutting cutter, in contrast, lasts much longer - which is exactly what the C-series JENZ Woodcrackers do. The highly-efficient cutting head for harvesting whole trees and bushes is an individual add-on unit, mostly for hydraulic diggers.

Whether it's ...

01.01.1970 | Further machines | Just snip it off instead of sawing it

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Why Andreas Zeller puts his trust in JENZ machines

Mutterstadt. It all started with a small container service, the office was in the sitting room, and the mother of today's managing director of Zeller Naturenergie GmbH & Co. KG wrote all the invoices herself on the typewriter. Andreas Zeller, who took over management of the operations 11 years ago, is very proud that he's been able to develop his parents' small container service into a modern service provider for disposal, ...

03.11.2014 | Further machines | 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Three into one!

Cutting, fragmentising and loading - three working operations which the GMHT 140 from JENZ does all at once. Private contractor Hans Thun from Schleswig Holstein first started to use the machine last winter. He now talks about his experiences in JENZ News.

"We drove into Mecklenburg Vorpommern. The working areas were bigger there than at home in Schleswig Holstein and in North Rhine Westphalia: up to 10 ha. That's really when working starts to be fun" said private ...

03.11.2014 | Further machines | Three into one!

In the fast lane

Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary. András Bálint works were other people prefer to have their holidays: At Lake Balaton in Hungary. This lake in the west of Hungary, which is 79 km long and around 8 km wide, is Europe's largest inland lake. Of course Mr Bálint swam in the lake as a child. Nowadays, however, he hardly has time because the 36-year-old forestry engineer has so much to do. András Bálint and his company Forest Power have been distribution partners for JENZ machines in ...

09.07.2014 | Further machines | In the fast lane

Same width, a little higher and more power

How JENZ took on a huge challenge and what this has to do with ice lollies

Lübeck. A paddle handle isn't just there for paddling, one can also find it very useful when eating ice cream. "Paddle shaped" wooden sticks are, for example, hidden in Langnese's classic "Magnum" ice cream. These are made by Karl-Otto Knauf GmbH & Co. KG in Stockelsdorf, just to the north of Lübeck. The company is a medium-sized traditional company with around 120 employees. ...

01.04.2014 | Further machines | Same width, a little higher and more power

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