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11.11.2019 | Black Beast BA 725 DL

Black Beast BA 725 DL

Daniel Döring – keeping a balance between haulage and an agricultural and forestry private contractor

Diepholz (ghm). Ever since President George W Bush’s term of office, the armoured limousines used by US Presidents have been called “The Beast”. However, you can find the “Black Beast” at Daniel Döring’s agricultural and forestry private contracting company. The private contracting company from Diepholz has been owner of a BA 725 DL biomass processor as a successor to their AZ 660 since June. We asked why the black machine was given this name, how the company was founded and how Daniel Döring keeps a balance between two companies in a little more depth.

“I come from a haulier family and I was always very keen on the larger machines, especially in the agricultural and forestry sectors” described Daniel Döring, general manager of Heinrich Döring hauliers from Diepholz. He is now managing the company, which was founded in 1955, in the third generation. He only carried out private contracting jobs as a sideline at the beginning. Mr Döring’s activities as a private contractor went down very well, which meant that he founded the agricultural and forestry contracting company in 2010 as a result of his passion.

The contracting sector now employs 6 staff. “My team allows me to continue as managing director of the haulier company and also to work as a private contractor despite an extensive range of services consisting of all shredding and chipping activities” explained Mr Döring, visibly proud of the fact. On top of this, tree felling can also be carried out and wooded areas can be reforested and mulched. “Thanks to my parents’ haulier company I have a considerable advantage with re- gard to material transport thanks to the
20 walking-floor vehicles we have” said Mr Döring, who is 34. He works for the haulier company together with his wife and his parents and as managing director is responsible for around 80 vehicles, about 120 staff and 15,000 m2 of company premises. A special storage area for bulk materials was set up around the haulier premises in 2016, and the company’s shredding work also takes place there. But the “Black Beast” is not  only deployed on the company’s premises. The black BA 725 DL is used for processing bark in addition to recently-felled and scrap wood far beyond the boundaries of Diepholz in Lower Saxony.

The biomass processor is often a real eyecatcher when it is underway on North Germany’s roads. However, the “Black Beast” is even more conspicuous when it is travelling with the Agrotruck from Mercedes. This transports the black beast to deployments at biogas facilities and for farmers, for example.

The contracting company vehicle fleet includes a range of diggers, forestry caterpillars, low loaders, towing vehicles and auxiliary equipment in addition to the BA 725 DL. A chipper made by JENZ has also been included in the vehicle fleet since the beginning of forestry contracts. This year he replaced an HEM 582 Z with a used HEM 821 Z PTO chipper. “We saw the big chipper in action on JENZ’s premises and decided to buy this high-throughput machine because the woodchipping quality was so good” he recalled.

Mr Döring views the future of the contracting company, especially in the forestry sector, as basically positive for the next few years. “Thanks to the
bark beetle the forestry sector contracts will remain stable. It’s just the lack of personnel and specialists which will continue to be difficult to cope with.”