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03.02.2021 | From Agritechnica to the Land of a Thousand Mountains

From Agritechnica to the Land of a Thousand Mountains

Chippertruck HEM 593 R Cobra – Professional Line
in practical use for the last six months

Olpe (ghm). JENZ presented the Chippertruck with the "Professional Line"equipment option at the Agritechnicain November 2019. In the run-up to the trade fair, JENZ fans were able to actively contribute to the hacker's name via social networks. The result was"Erwin". In the meantime Erwin has found a new home in Sauerland and is even plays the lead role in the new JENZ Chippertruck video. Dietmar Weber of agricultural contractor Anette Weber tells us about his personal experiences with the new Chippertruck in an interview.

JENZ News (JN): Mr Weber, one important question to start with: is Erwin still called Erwin?
Dietmar Weber (laughs):
Yes, in the new Chippertruck Video from JENZ you can see that Erwin is still called Erwin. And we have decided that it will stay that way!

JN: How did it come about that Erwin found his way from the Agritechnica in Hanover to your home in Sauerland?
At the time of the fair we had already ordered our Chippertruck with a mowing window. However, we wanted to complete some orders with the new machine as soon as possible and I also had doubts whether the overview in the truck version would be sufficient for me personally. And then at the Agritechnica, there he was: Erwin with a rotating Cobra cab. The very same day we changed the chipper we had ordered at the trade fair. JENZ was very accommodating and once again proved to be an expert partner at our side.

JN: The HEM 593 R Cobra chipper truck has now been in use for six months. What requirements does it have to meet?
Sauerland is also known as the "Land of a Thousand Mountains", which means our machines have to be particularly suitable for offroad use. At the same time, flexibility is just as important because our catchment area extends over a radius of 100 kilometres through forest and road. The Chippertruck with 6x6 chassis and four-wheel drive is just right for us because it is suitable for both off-road and motorway use up to 80 km/h. We benefit from the centric position of the blower, especially for orders on motorways, as this allows loading over the top to the front and rear. Normally that means the hard shoulder is sufficient for working directly on the roadside. No further lanes have to be closed and the traffic can continue to flow unhindered. This makes us extremely attractive for clients and we remain competitive.

JN: Erwin is equipped with the additional "Professional Line " package. How do you notice the benefits of the package in your everyday work?
The "professional tool system" included in the package, including the large amount of storage space, is the most impressive. We used to make our own boxes. Nowadays JENZ takes this work off our hands. For me as a driver it is clearly noticeable that the people at JENZ asked themselves the following question during the development of the machine: "What is important in the chipper driver's daily work?" One example of this is problem-free cutter replacement. We have the required cleaning and maintenance tools exactly where we need them in the swivelling toolbox, namely at a height of 2.50 m directly at the rotor. The built-in compressed air connection, the integrated lighting and the permanently installed measuring gauge for determining the blade length are ideal additions to this well thought-out system.

JN: It's good to hear that our further developments for the driver are being received in the same way. Apart from the tool concept, are there any other advantages that you particularly appreciate about the new Chippertruck?
Yes, I often criticised the safety equipment on our previous machine from another manufacturer, for example missing handles and steps. With the Chippertruck you can see enormous progress in this area - fold-out ladders, fixed railings, handles and a platform all provide space for movement and safety. I also see the new easy2 controller as a great advantage. Our Chippertruck is operated by three different drivers. Each operator selects his own profile on the controller and we don't waste valuable time making machine settings

JN: Finally, please tell us about the machine's economic efficiency. Does Erwin impress you on this point?
Absolutely! We are currently processing an enormous amount of standing timber due to bark beetle infestation. That's no problem for the machine because it is equipped with the CFA2 drawin control system as part of the "Professional Package". The system detects thicker logs and automatically adjusts the draw-in speed. This means the throughput volumes remain at a constant high level. In addition to increasing throughput, the objectives of the new purchase were to improve chip quality and reduce the costs per cubic metre of chips. Now, after about 700 rotor hours, we have the proof: the decision to buy the"Profi-Liner" with D1 rotor and rotating Cobra cab was the right one from the driver's as well as the company's point of view.

E - for ergonommics "You can clearly see that the JENZ company has put the driver at the centre of attention in many ways".

R - for rotor D1 "A wide range of materials puts exceptional demands on the rotor. This mainly decides how many fines we will have in the woodchippings afterwards. Thanks to various screen baskets we are also flexible in the processing of chop, crown and trunk wood as well as sawmill waste wood and shrub cuttings!

W - for throw blower
(German: Wurfgebläse)
"An important purchase criterion: loading the wood chips to the rear AND to the front. The position of the throw blower in the middle of the machine is decisive for this".

I - for investment "We made friends with the machine and quickly realised
how powerful it is. We are confident about our investment and are looking forward to the future.

N - for sideline jobs
(German: Nebenerwerb)
"We started 25 years ago as a sideline with a forestry mulcher, followed by our first JENZ PTO chipper. I retired 5 years ago to become a full-time chipper driver".