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01.01.1970 | From practice - BA 916

From practice - BA 916

JENZ Aktuell: «Murimoos werken und wohnen» has been producing compost at its own facilities for more than 30 years. Since 2019 the biomass has been converted into energy in a biogas plant before composting. What tasks does the BA 916 green waste specialist handle in this process chain?

Urs Villiger: "At our collection point, we primarily take in green waste from municipalities and landscape gardeners. The BA 916 processes this green waste for composting and for our own biogas plant. We use free-swinging tools combined with HK heads or armoured blades for this processing step. In addition, we leave the screen basket open."

Peter Hofer: "The delivered material also includes woody material, such as trunks, branch material and sawn timber. With stationary easycut tools and a 120 gauge rhombus screen basket, the shredder produces outstanding combustible material, which we feed into our own wood chip heating plant. In addition, we can easily increase the roller contact pressure via the controller, and thus we can effectively control the intake of log wood".

JA: Your biogas plant supplies approximately 300 households with power. Your own wood chip heating system supplies heat to all company buildings. To achieve adequate capacity utilisation, in addition to a large quantity of biogas substrate or combustible material, a high-performance machine is also required. How does the BA 916 perform in this regard?

UV: "The throughput capacity has doubled compared with our previous machine from a different manufacturer. Primarily, we consider that this is due to the particularly good intake behaviour. Our processing regularly changes over between green waste and woody biomass. Since the GFA system always perfectly matches rotor speed to intake speed, this means that the engine is uniformly utilised and we achieve corresponding high throughput capacities. We must also mention the high-precision handling of foreign objects. The BA 916 reacts to foreign objects with incredible speed and protects itself from consequential damage."

JA: Whether taking in green waste or supplying the wood chip heating system – your employees change the applications within the entire composting plant. In this respect it is particularly important that all participating machines are user-friendly. How do you rate the BA 916 for typical everyday tasks?

PH: "In our facilities the machine operators change regularly. This means that effective man-machine communication and extremely simple and quickly understandable machine operation are the key priorities. These are precisely the priorities that JENZ has implemented: Individually adjustable user profiles, selectable material-dependent shredder modes, a smartphone-like remote control unit as well as easily visible status displays on the roof of the engine enclosure.

Biogas plant Muri:

• Dry fermentation of green waste and solid manure
• Supplies power to 300 households
• Supplies heat to company buildings
• Digestate in post-rotting compost for agriculture and gardening