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01.01.1970 | From practice - BA 926

From practice - BA 926

JENZ Aktuell: Helmuth Meyer GmbH & Co. KG is active in civil engineering, earthworks and demolition work. In addition, recycling, container service and general waste wood processing play an increasingly important role. JENZ Aktuell reports on Stefan Meyer's and Jan Holsten's experiences with the BA 926.

First the BA 725, now the BA 926:

The company, Helmuth Meyer, had already had many years of experience with the predecessor BA 725. For more than 6 months now the company has been successfully shredding with the versatile BA 926.

Managing Director Stefan Meyer concerning the profitability of the BA 926:

"Our principle is simple: If the shredder is flexible, then so are we. Ultimately the interaction of flexibility and productivity of the shredder determines how profitably we are acting as a company. At our facility the BA 926 is an absolute material all-rounder, in addition to green waste, it also processes scrap wood and tree stumps. From the green waste, the shredder produces optimal structure material for composting. The utmost quality is required for processing scrap wood into combustible material. With the BA 926 we can produce different grains and we obtain clean end material for energetic utilisation thanks to powerful over-belt magnets. Particularly with light cuttings and root wood we have been able to considerably increase throughput rates compared to the predecessor machine. This is primarily due to the fact that the intake behaviour, either because of the greater intake height or the optimised take-in speed, has significantly improved relative to the BA 725."

Machine Operator Jan Holsten concerning the everyday work with the BA 926:

"Charging the BA 926 is actually quite fun! There is a huge difference relative to the predecessor, the BA 725. It starts with the intake: More pressure on the upper roller, a different arrangement of the lower roller, an enlarged inlet opening, plus greater autonomy of the machine itself. Large rootstocks can be easily pulled in without pushing. This is executed so quickly that it really makes you sweat as operator, and an empty belt hopper sparks the ambition of every excavator operator. However, this is somewhat self-inflicted: After all, I set up the "maximum intake speed" function so it can be activated via a button on the remote control unit. For our processing purposes we primarily equip the BA 926 with fixed tools. The different rotational speeds offered by the TwinGear systemalso influence the quality of the end product, and this is what I find really fascinating about the machine: I get just one work step. Best example: Equipped with a mesh size 50 screen basket and stationary tools, the BA 926 shreds tree stumps into high-quality, profitable heating material. With 150 hp more, the PS 926 offers higher engine power than the BA 725. Of course, this results in higher fuel consumption, but the throughput is also much higher. In short: What I used to shred in two days, I now shred in one. To sum up, the BA 926 is more cos- effective than its predecessor and impresses me each day anew with its incredible throughput capacity."