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04.05.2015 | From the AZ 50 D up tp the HEM 820 DL

From the AZ 50 D up tp the HEM 820 DL

Polish company Przerób Drewna Uslugi Transportowe buys fifth JENZ machine

Strumienno (Poland). According to many experts' opinion, the energy revolution in Poland is at a crossroads. Fossil fuels, especially coal, still dominate the market. Despite this, however, renewable energy sources are becoming slowly more important. Biomasses such as those which the Przerób Drewna Uslugi Transportowe company process are one of the most important renewable energy sources. Already, around half of the Polish power comes from renewable energies consisting of biomasses, and one third of this comes from co-incineration in coal-fired power stations. These power stations are now being supplied by businessmen Blazej Kacprzak. He has successfully been using chippers and shredders made by JENZ for chipping production for many years.

Early days with used machines

Blazej Kacprzak is a trained mechanic and HGV driver. For this reason they initially offered transport services when he and his wife Elżbieta went self-employed in 1993. In the end, the favourable geographic location in the vicinity of many forested areas on top of the changing market situation led to the decision to produce woodchippings for energy-based usage in power stations. "I bought my first JENZ machine 15 years ago, a used AZ 50 D" remembers Mr Kacprzak. Over the next two years he added a further AZ 50 D and an HEM 561DL to the vehicle fleet. "All those machines are still ready for action" he says. In 2011, he added a new biomass processor of type BA 720 DL. This machine is mainly used for pallet wood and has been adapted to the working conditions on site. "We mostly process dry material, and this causes a lot of dust. In order to counteract that we have fitted a special air extraction unit in front of the air filter" is how Mr Kacprzak explains the construction of his BA.

New HEM 820 DL

Last year, the company ordered its largest machine to date, an HEM 820 DL chipper. "I decided to buy this machine because I already have a few JENZ machines and I know their technology. For us the machine quality is just as important as its high toughness level,and these machines fulfil both these criteria" is how Mr Kacprzak explains his reasons for purchase. The HEM 820 DL is intended for deployment with the huge quantities of standing timber which he regularly buys at auctions. Kacprzak is a faithful JENZ customer: "Even if there is considerable competition amongst the manufacturers nowadays, we will continue to develop our company using JENZ. We've been working together for many years and our expectations have always been fulfilled. The most important machine properties in my opinion are solid construction ,long service life and low fuel consumption. On top of this, reliable spare parts provision is important to us."

In-house rapid growing tree plantations and manufacture of wood briquettes

It isn't only the state forests wherewood is provided, the company's own rapid-growing tree plantations with an area of 200 ha play their part. Energy willows and poplar trees have been planted. The poplar saplings were imported from Italy and are harvested every five years. Apart from this, the company produces wood briquettes.

Professionalism is important

Business is developing positively. By now, 30 workers are employed, and a new hall has been constructed for repair work. The annual production volume of woodchippings is around 50,000 t, and the vehicle fleet for woodchippings logistics is impressive. Despite this, boss Elżbieta Kacprzak draws attention to the problems in Poland. "It's difficult to find qualified personnel. A lot of young people are leaving the region, especially because we are close to Germany. Apart from this there is a lack of economics tability." The company is attempting to counteract this with professionalism and is counting on support from the whole family. Daughter Marta is responsible for spare parts procurement.Son Marcin supports his parents' operations as a biomass specialist. The other two daughters are still studying.

PML is a JENZ dealer in Poland since 2010

Piotr Kafarski from Profesjonalne Maszyny Lesne Sprzedaz (PML) confirms "We work professionally here". The company has been successfully selling forestry machinery made by Ponsse since its founding in 2003. It has been cooperating with JENZ since 2010. The main office is in Warsaw, and the company is well-set up with service bases and further sales offices. "The market in Poland is not easy" according to Mr Kafarski, "but customers like Blazej Kacprzak are a positive example for the potential of the biomass industry".