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01.10.2012 | Graanul Invest produces wood pellets, and needs a stationary JENZ HE 700 STA chipper with 610 hp electric drive

Graanul Invest produces wood pellets, and needs a stationary JENZ HE 700 STA chipper with 610 hp electric drive

Riga. Woodh pellets are rod-shaped pellets with a diameter of less than 25 mm. They consist mostly of wood, and are mostly used as a fuel in special heating systems. However, pellets don't grow on trees or in fields but are produced from wood or from sawmi.

Graanul Invest is an expert in so-called "pelleting". The company operates five locations in the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and according to its information is one of the top five European pallet manufacturers. The annual production is more than three quarters of a million tonnes of wood pellets. Graanul Invest operates its own harbour terminals in Tallinn, Riga, and Pärnu for export purposes.

The pellets produced by Graanul Invest have a diameter of 6 mm up to 10 mm and are around 4 cm long. The primary requirement for the company's pellet production is softwood sawdust and woodchippings. Two HEM 700 DLs from JENZ have already been ooperating for more than 10,000 hours, a JENZ chipper truck has also been working for Graanul Invest since November 2011, and now JENZ is to deliver a stationary HE 700. Graanul Invest collected the machine with a low loader from Wegholm, shipped it from Lübeck and then transported it to the works in Riga from their own terminal. There, the Graanul fitters bolted the machine onto a concrete foundation and laid the cables themselves. A JENZ electrician checked the cabling.

"Then we just pressed the button" said Hartmut Schneckener, deputy sales manager at JENZ and Sales Area Manager for Scandinavia, the Baltic and Russia. All of a sudden the lights went out in the the Graanul Invest production halls, because the HE 700 STA is operated by an extremely powerful electric motor. 450 kilowatts are equivalent to 612 horsepower. "That is quite a hefty load" said Mr Schneckener. At first, the local energy provider in Riga simply could not provide the necessary infrastructure for the required peak capacity. For this reason, the Graanul Invest workers shut one of the production lines down so that there was at least enough power for the HE 700 STA trial run. At the moment, the energy provider is busy attempting to provide the necessary capacities.

"The complete connected load is still not available, which means that the machine cannot yet work to its full potential" said Allan Laurimae, who works as Hartmut Schneckener's right-hand man in the Baltic. The salesman, who is 42, has been working for JENZ since October 2010 and is the direct contact for Graanul Invest. Laurimae still has to face a major obstacle: "Adapting the electrical control system is turning out to be very difficult" he said. However, he and the JENZ technicians will sort it out in the end. When both these problems have been solved, the HE 700 STA will finally be able to show its full power.

The HE 700 STA is capable of fragmentising complete trees with a diameter of up to 56 cm (hardwood) and 70 cm (softwood). The interior top draw-in roller transmission is of the most modern standard. There are no side slots in the machine stand any more, which saves time-consuming cleaning and maintenance work. Rapid screen basket and blade changeover is guaranteed to minimise setup times. The machine is also provided with sound insulation fittings for operation in enclosed halls.