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09.07.2018 | HEM 841 Z in practice: “The machine is extremely well-engineered”

HEM 841 Z in practice: “The machine is extremely well-engineered”

Interview: Hans and Philip Thun from Schleswig Holstein

Oldenhütten (jkr). Hans Thun founded his family companyin 1965. In 1997 his son Hans and wife Kirstin took overthe business. Nowadays, around 25 people are workingfor the agricultural private contract from Oldenhütten,just under 50 km south-west of Kiel. The range of servicesincludes the five sectors of excavation/earthworks,agriculture, wood processing, biomassses and trade.For wood processing, 52-year-old Hans Thun has beenplacing his trust in power takeoff-driven mobile chippersfrom JENZ for more than 10 years. The combinationconsisting of mobile chipper and Claas Xerion has beenpainted in a rather striking black. Philip Thun, Hans andKirstin Thun's 23-year-old son, is one of the drivers.

Mr Thun, with the HEM 841 Z you are using the newest power takeo shaft chipper made by JENZ.You regularly replace your JENZ machines with thenewest models as a matter of principle. What'sthe philosophy behind these fleet decisions?
Hans Thun: This is mainly for reasons ofreliability. I like to guarantee reliablityduring my work. Every year we chip between800 and 1000 hours in total andwe prefer to replace the machines beforemajor repairs are required. Apartfrom this, we do a lot of demonstrationsfor JENZ, and of course we prefer to carrythese out with the newest models.

And how has your experience withthe new HEM 841 Z been up to now?
Hans Thun:
The machine is extremelywell-engineered, and this year it got evenbetter. Not that much has changed incomparison with the HEM 821 Z, and thatwas a very good machine anyway. I thinkthe best thing to do is to ask my son.
Philip Thun: By now I've got 280 hourson the clock since March. The draw-inand the drum are both bigger comparedwith the predecessor model, the821 Z. This means the draw-inbehaviour has been optimised.The quality of the woodchippingshas increased considerablyonce again because onemore cutter has been fitted andbecause we have got a smallerscreen basket. I'm extremelysatisfied with the new model,but I felt the same aboutits predecessor as well.

Which materials do you mainlyuse the machine for?
Philip Thun:
About 70 % of the woodchippingsproduction both on a contract basisand for our own trade originates fromso-called "broken wood", in other wordsthe sort of tree and bush hedges whichare quite common up here in the north.The rest is composed of tree trunks. Thewider draw-in on the HEM 841 Z is ofcourse better for us due to the high proportionof light cuttings we deal with.You decided to use a Claas Xerion3800 as a towing machine.

Why did you choose this one?
Hans Thun:
Because the Claas Xerion,and especially the 3800, works very efficientlywith the JENZ chippers. Oneseason we used a Claas Xerion 5000,but that wasn't any more efficient.

And will you ever be using a Chippertruckafter all your power takeoff machines?
Hans Thun:
We produce up to 30,000 mof woodchippings every year. The powerprovided by the HEM 841 Z is enoughfor that. That quantity wouldn't be sufficientfor a Chippertruck. And we don'treally want to drive any further than100 km from base. Whatever happens,though, the next chipper will be a JENZ.We'll have to see what's new then.

And the chipper will be colouredblack in any case?
Hans Thun (laughs):
Yes, one of our employeesthought that one up. Theywanted our machine to look differentfrom all the others. And, as agood boss, I do what they want evenif it costs more. It's good for the image,and it looks great doesn't it?

It certainly does!