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27.04.2021 | JENZ used machines in practical use

JENZ used machines in practical use

JENZ customers report on their experiences

Petershagen (ghm). In the first part of our JENZ used machines mini-series you learned that JENZ maintenance categories provide more transparency when buying used machines. The last issue explained which criteria help you better assess the condition of second-hand machinery. In the third and final part we would like to introduce you to three customers who will happily to share their experiences of buying used machinery with you.


Philipp Weber
» Previously I worked with a JENZ HEM 560 Z. The technical standard of this machine is very up to date. With its larger infeed the HEM 583 Z not only offers me more power, but also better woodchip quality with lower fuel consumption!«

Otto Berkmann
» Main reason: precisely this secondhand machine received a new HGV engine immediately before purchase, and by extensively reconditioning the chipper we ended up with a machine that is almost as good as new. Plus point: the machine was available immediately. «

Mark Lindhorst
» We are very familiar with JENZ chippers because woodchip production has been part of our services for a long time. In order to gain a foothold in the field of biomass processing as well we decided to buy a used shredder as an entry-level machine. «


Machine handover • commissioning • training course

Mr Weber: „We took the opportunity to personally inspect the used machine at
JENZ in Petershagen. After a short briefing we were given a live demonstration of the machine in use in the chipping arena. This helped us to assess the performance of the machine better. The site visit was a success for us from all points of view despite the long journey. Not only were we able to inspect the machine live in operation, but at the same time we gained an impression of the JENZ company. Together this gave me a safe feeling when buying the machine. The machine was then handed over at the JENZ South-West warehous  combined with the attachment to our tractor and a trial run.”

Mr Berkmann:
„In our case, JENZ Austria took care of the machine transfer and the machine handover and it all worked perfectly. As we had no previous experience with JENZ chippers we were given a very comprehensive training
course. This meant that commissioning the chipper was straightforward.”

Mr Lindhorst: „We were able to inspect the machine while in use by
the previous owner. The professional instruction by the JENZ fitter went flawlessly and we were ready to get on with our first jobs straight away.”

Preparation • condition • maintenance

Mr Weber: „During our visit to JENZ we were able to inspect the machine in detail and, on the basis of its condition, specify the reprocessing stage together with JENZ. We decided to do some additional service work in addition to treatment level 1. These mainly affect machine safety and also influence the quality of the chipped material.”

Mr. Berkmann: Mr Berkmann: „The truck itself was in very good condition when we bought it. In the case of the chipper, however, we opted for extensive preparation by JENZ Austria. The reason for this is that maintenance of Jenz machines is very uncomplicated, as almost all wear parts are replaceable. Add to that a few small upgrades and all in all we got a really awesome and reliable machine.”

Mr Lindhorst: „We already knew the condition of the machine from the
inspection on the previous owner's premises. Even though it's our entry level
machine we still decided to get a little "lift" from JENZ Service.”