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03.09.2021 | Machine handovers at JENZ

Machine handovers at JENZ

Petershagen (ghm). At 8 a.m. on the dot, Michael Reinen and Malte Zweering from the Bernhard Landers forestry company pull up in front of the entrance building of the JENZ company. On a display at the entrance the two can immediately see that they are expected here today to take delivery of their new HEM 841 Z PTO chipper. JENZ Aktuell accompanied both of them throughout the day and took a look behind the scenes of a machine handover at JENZ.

Product Manager Sebastian Fullriede will take over the briefing for today, supported by new service employee Daniel Lindenberg. From the reception hall we go directly to the new transfer hall. You can see it flashing and blinking from a distance. "You're making it exciting," driver Malte's curiosity can be heard. One last door and then the combination is standing there: JENZ PTO Chipper HEM 841 Z hitched to a Fendt 1050 Vario. Before the actual briefing can begin, photos are taken and the combination is extensively circumnavigated.

"The first phase of instruction is the driest," Mr Fullriede says with a laugh, "but also the basis for being able to handle the machine safely." It starts with a review of the scope of delivery, followed by topics such as accident prevention regulations, safety equipment and operating instructions. At JENZ, it is considered important to devote enough time to this essential subject area. "We are obliged to do this as a manufacturer and our machines are more complex than a new smartphone, for example. Just reading a few pages of operating instructions is not enough," explains the product manager and adds: "With JENZ operating manuals, we can easily be talking about more than 200 pages, so you simply need personal contact at the beginning". Michael and Malte, the two drivers, are also convinced about this: "As soon as something is unclear, you can ask again and be completely sure about handling the machine in the future."

Once all safety-relevant aspects have been clarified the theory on the machine continues. "We take a look at all the individual areas of the chipper - starting with the crane and the rotor and ending with the control cabinet," says Mr Fullriede and climbs up to the screen basket hood with everyone involved. Assessments and training are based on the topics of commissioning, maintenance and inspection.Before the largest JENZ PTO chipper is finally used in practice the group devotes itself to the topic of control. "The advantage of our easy2 control is that it has smartphone-like operation. The interface is almost self-explanatory with simple icons and touch operation; only our assistance systems and individual machine settings need to be deepened," says Fullriede. Michael Reinen is sure that the new easy2 control system will make work much easier for both drivers, as the Landers company currently still owns a HEM 25 DQ on a two-way chassis from 1999. Mr Reinen is visibly proud, but admits at the same time: "A lot has happened to chipper technology since then!"

It is almost midday as the group starts the engine of the Fendt 1050 Vario to pull the 13-metre-long combination to their own chopping yard. "Our chipping area is a bit off the beaten track and over time has been given the name "JENZ Hack Arena"," explains Daniel Lindenberg, who has been supporting the team on the JENZ Service Hotline since July. The 33-year-old describes the advantages of the so-called arena as follows: "Plus point number one: no hindrance to JENZ operations. Away from the company premises we can concentrate solely on the customer and do not disturb any internal processes. In addition, we stock different materials such as hardwood, softwood and shrub cuttings to provide the customer with the most practical instruction possible."

One after the other, Michael Reinen and Malte Zweering take a seat in the driver's seat and product manager Sebastian Fullriede explains to them how the machine behaves with which material and what adjustment options are available during the chipping process. Both riders test the machine and thus get a feeling for the machine operation right away. "Instruction was very important for us so that we could get to know the new technology, especially because we have an older machine in use. We learned a lot today and are now really looking forward to using the machine at home!", say both men, drawing a satisfied conclusion. One last photo and then it's off to explore their home area with JENZ's most powerful PTO chipper.