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01.08.2013 | New-found freedom while chipping

New-found freedom while chipping

Centric blower for HEM 582 R chipper truck

JENZ now offers a centric blower with hydraulic drive as an optional fi tting for its HEM 582 R chipper truck. This result in considerable advantages during daily operations.

The first chipper truck, which was the starting gun for an incomparable success story, was delivered six years ago. The compact dimensions coupled with enormous power, high mobility and a unique drive concept has made this machine the bestseller amongst JENZ mobile chippers. This is not a surprise, because the chipper truck offers optimum conditions for economic woodchipping production. This is confirmed by many satisfied customers the whole world over.

More flexible material outfeed

One of the major selling points of the HEM 582 R chipper truck is its flexibility during material outfeed: the customer has the choice of whether the rear-mounted outfeed blower is mechanically or hydraulically driven. If more value is being placed on the woodchipping quality, an outfeed conveyor can be ordered in addition to the blower. This combination facility is only available on JENZ chipper trucks.

The problem when chipping in forests

The rear-mounted outfeed blower is not the optimum solution for all applications. Every chipper driver knows the problem − woodchipping production in the forest on narrow tracks. The chipper draw-in is on the right in the direction of travel. As long as the wood pile is on the right of the chipper everything is OK. First, the chipper driver positions his machine on the road, the transport vehicle parks behind him and can drive off straightaway after loading because the chipper is not in the way. Everything is quite different if the material is on the other side of the road: since the chipper can only load to the side or to the rear, the transport vehicle has to drive into a dead end and the chipper is in front of it. After loading it has to get out of the way so that the transport vehicle can drive out of the forest again. This continuously repeating process costs time, interrupts the operational cycle and increases the accident risk.

Centric blower

JENZ has taken this problem on board and now presents a further pioneering innovation for the chipper truck: a hydraulically-driven outfeed blower which is now mounted between the driver‘s cab and the chipper and not, as previously, at the rear. To do this, the chipper itself did not even have to be relocated towards the rear. This arrangement results in a previously unknown freedom during daily operations. In no longer matters what side the material to be processed is on. During work on narrow roads, the chippings can either be blown to the rear, as previously, or now to the front over the chipper truck driver’s cab. No matter from which side the transport vehicles arrive, the chipper driver can load in both directions and no longer has to move his machine to allow the HGV or tractor to come past.

Hydraulic blower drive

The centric blower is hydraulically driven as a matter of principle, which results in further advantages: the blower speed can be regulated irrespective of the chipper rotor speed. This means that the woodchippings are also reliably blown out even if the chipper speed reduces considerably. The risk of blocking the machine is therefore minimised. This is not the case with a mechanically-driven blower. Here, the ventilator speed is directly linked to the chipper rotor speed. A further plus point is higher effi ciency and lower wear: the chipper speed can be adapted to suit the conditions. High speed if the woodchippings have to be thrown further away, low speed if the vehicle to be fi lled is parked adjacent. This reduces the wear on the outfeed blower, protects the woodchippings and reduces the force required and therefore the diesel consumption. Furthermore, the hydraulic blower has larger sizes compared with the mechanically-driven variation. The components are taken from the larger HEM 820 chipper series. This ensures that the woodchippings are reliably thrown out even at lower blower speeds.

Customer interest is high

JENZ now offers the centric blower with hydraulic drive as an additional fi tting for its HEM 582 R chipper truck. Customer interest is so high that three chippers with these fi ttings were already sold before the offi cial presentation at the Elmia Wood.