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17.09.2019 | From chipping manufacture up to disposal

From chipping manufacture up to disposal

Günther Gansberger extends his range

Weistrach (ghm). Günther Gansberger has been successfully active in the woodchippings branch for the last 18 years. His targets: high woodchippings quality, being on time and a wide range of services. The company is in action with a range of machines for woodchippings production and tree removal in lower and upper Austria, and also in the Styria. The machinery fleet was extended by an HEM 593 Cobra in March 2019 so that they could offer even higher-quality woodchippings.

"I started in 2001 with a woodchipper made by a different company. I saw a huge chance for being successful in the woodchippings sector since there was nobody else providing this sort of service in the region at that time" said Mr Gansberger, who is a trained tiler. The company headquarters is in his parents-in law's house at the edge of Weistrach. The company is relatively small with only three workers, but the range of services is comparatively large thanks to a different machines. One of the eight machines is the HEM 700 DL mobile chipper with 654 hp and a crane cab which has been working without a pause since 2009.

Mr Gansberger associates a lot with his HEM 700 DL. It's not only the fact that it was his first machine from JENZ, but also that the machine provided with him with an amazing experience in the first months: "I was on a forest road near St Gallen and the HEM 700 DL started to tip over. The road had broken away after continuous rain. Five tractor winches and several people from the fire services were necessary to secure the machine and prevent it falling away. Right from the start of the company specialised in woodchippings production and sales. In order to provide perfect woodchippings quality in the future as well, Mr Gansberger invested in an HEM 593 R Cobra fitted out with a D1 rotor. The reasons for purchasing the new JENZ machine were mostly to the found in improvements to the woodchippings quality, the robust construction of the machine in addition to the excellent services provided by JENZ Österreich GmbH. In addition to woodchippings production, industrial, communal and private customers were able to secure other services. Irrespective of whether they wanted their trees cutting back, taking away or removed, or drying the woodchippings, it was all possible using the Austrian company.

Since the woodchippings production sector has changed considerably over the last few years and the range of competitors has become less widespread, Günther Gansberger decided to extend his range of services once again and included the disposal sector in the services his company offered. This is because "we would like to process biomasses so that they can either be used in the ligneous heating plant or the waste incineration plant as an energy supply". The material which is produced during tree disposal, and also the green and bush cuttings which the company fetches from the local authority, can be processed by the newly-purchased JENZ BA 725 DL biomass processor and then deposited in the storage area, which is half a hectare in size. The legal requirements for using this storage area were only fulfilled after two years. As a result, the used BA 725 DL is only just starting full use. The decision to buy the multi-talented shredder was taken due to the flexibility during deployment. "With the BA 725 DL we can shred and chip using only one machine. This means that our material, which comes from a wide range of origins, can be processed both roughly and finely. We are convinced that the route into the disposal sector was worth it - not just for the environment, but also for us as a company" said the 45-year-old to justify his investment.

From the operator's point of view - 3 questions to Michael Hamdan who has been working for Günther Gansberger as a chipper driver since March 2019, and has 250 chipping hours on the new HEM 593 R Cobra

Mr Hamdan, the new HEM 593 R Cobra has the new modular support system. What's your opinion after the first few months?

Only positive! The support system works really well, especially where we are working in Lower Austria with its uneven terrain. The chipper stands extremely securely and solidly during crane work irrespective of where the crane is located. Setting up the machine in combination with the setup and breakdown assistants is also extremely good.

The JENZ machine currently in use is fitted with a Lasco cone splitter so that even thicker trunks can be chipped. Does it make things easier for you as expected?

I'm over the moon about the Lasco cone splitter - it can split absolutely everything without the aid of the crane. Another good thing is that it doesn't always have to be placed on the ground during chipping. This means I have the facility for chipping in the folded-up mode without the splitter getting in my way during work.

Günther Gansberger's company places high value on the quality of the chippings during woodchipping production. How satisfied is the company with the new D1 rotor in terms of chippings quality?

The D1 rotor makes extremely neat, grainy material without high fines content. We are extremely happy, and our customers too. Apart from that, the rotor runs extremely quietly during chipping work, even if we are using hardwood, and without heavy vibrations. Thanks to the spacer changing the cutters over is extremely fast. A huge advantage for me is that the cutters can be set relative to the countercutter very quickly and evenly.