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19.02.2019 | Full service thanks to fourth JENZ machine

Full service thanks to fourth JENZ machine

The plb company from Lausitz is a site clearance specialist for opencast mining sites

Lohsa (ghm). The community of Lohsa is located in the Lausitz lake district, only 40 km from the Polish border. A grand total of 4 people live in the Saxon community of 10 ha size. The local company of plb, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, can boast exactly the same number of JENZ machines. Managing Director André Sauer extended his fleet with what is currently his largest JENZ machine, an HEM 593 R-Truck, at the beginning of the year.

"At the time the comnpany was founded, 1993, my father was senior executive at the Laubag mining company. The plb company was founded together with the Laubag und Peine shareholders. As soon as this was complete the newly-founded company received a direct order for clearing the opencast mining area of roots, branches and treetop wood," explained André Sauer, who has been with the company since 2009. Nowadays the company has more than 40 employees and can// fall back on a fleet consisting of well over 20 machines. From excavators through a range of wheeled loaders right up to harvesters - the Lausitzer Gesellschaft für Bodenwertstoffe und Landschaftsbau specialises in re-cultivation and afforestation of mining areas, lumbering and forwarding areas in addition to ligneous energy generation and timber marketing. "At the time my father was the one to start working with JENZ. Personally I really appreciate JENZ machines because of their solid, reliable technology which has proven itself again and again under the hard conditions in opencast mining" explained the mechanical engineer.

The challenges during opencast mining are huge: working on steep slopes and exceedingly wet, boggy areas and soils which lose even more of their load-bearing capacity because of the lack of roots.

Machines which lower the ground pressure are required, especially for working on former mining areas where dumped earth forms slopes as steep as those in mountain areas. For this reason the company runs two biomass processors on caterpillar tracks. The first JENZ AZ 55 D shredder started working for the company at the beginning of the new millennium. Sauer is proud of the fact that "the AZ 55 D gave us a continually excellent performance up to 2015. Then we replaced it with a newer model, the BA 725 D Tiger". Before this the fleet had also been extended by an AZ 660 D Tiger in 2008. The reason for this is the enormous quantity of stumps which require processing when clearing opencast mining sites, which is why there were always two JENZ shredders working on processing ligneous energy timber over the past few years.

The purchase of the new HEM 593 R-Truck is mostly due to the full order books outside opencast mining as well. "We already have an HEM 582 Z power takeoff chipper working for us. But because we want to offer our services over further distances in the future we decided to buy a Chippertruck. This enables us to be inexpensive at the same time as economically efficient" explained Mr. Sauer, who has a two-year-old son. In order to offer a wide range of services and therefore distance themselves from the mass, the family company also offers complete packages in the forestry services industry and construction site clearance.

André Sauer describes the plb concept as a full service: "If, for example, road needs to be built the client does not have to hire several companies to fell the trees, market the wood and dispose of the rootstocks. We can provide everything from under one roof. We round our services off with compensation planting, forestry fencing and biotope construction."