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12.11.2018 | Giving up is not an option

Giving up is not an option

After the major fires in Portugal, Leal & Soares L.A. buys two new BA 725s for substrate processing

Mira (ghm). Leal & Soares S.A has been in existence since 1990 with locations in Spain and Portugal. With its 110 employees the company develops compost from residual forestry materials, mainly from maritime pine bark, for use in organic substrate and compost production. This year the company had two brand-new BA 725 biomass processors delivered.

Leal & Soares S.A. has made a name for itself on the Portuguese market. A complete range of different ecological fertilisers and substrates are exported under the SIRO brand. This brand is divided up into the HOBBY and PROFESSIONAL product lines.

However, the company has its origins in wood production for sawmills. Production of substrates only became important later on. This means that LEAL & SOARES S.A. changed its business model and no longer restricts itself to wood processing and substrate manufacture, but also the manufacture of mineral and ecological fertilisers.
The company is developing well with its products and the private SIRO brand name. Over several years, Leal & Soares S.A. and its founder and General Manager Carlos Soares has worked itself up to an excellent position on the Portuguese market - until October 2017.

The major fires in central Portugal also raged through the Leal & Soares S.A. operating premises, and the vehicle fleet was completely destroyed. However, Carlos Soares did not think this was a reason to give up: "I would never throw in the towel just because of the fires. The region is really important to me, I want to continue providing jobs here so that we keep prosperity in the region and so that we continue as market leader." Despite the devastating results of the fire the businessman decided to completely rebuild the company. As a result of this he bought two brandnew JENZ biomass processors of type BA 725 in addition to machines from Liebherr. "Before the fire we were using different machines for processing but somebody recommended that we tried out JENZ machines.

Our conclusion: JENZ is more productive and has a higher performance!" according to Maria Soares, who works in the company's marketing department. The family company made the decision to buy the JENZ shredder very deliberately. "We process a whole range of materials such as tree bark, garden cuttings, logs, peat etc. to manufacture our products. We need a shredder with a wide range of deployment facilities, and the BA 725 is more suitable for this than the shredder we had before" explained Mr Soares. The multi-talent under the JENZ shredders also had several more advantages for the company. "The Twin Gear drive enables us to set the optimum rotor speed depending on the final product - slow rotor speeds for course processing and fast rotor speeds for fine processing. Apart from that the fact that we can use different tools is very important." For example, logs can be optimally processed using fixed tools, using cutters is extremely good for chipping maritime pine bark.The subject of screen basket changeover also played an important role. "Simple changeover of the screen basket means that we can always adapt the machine optimally to our different materials" said Mr Soares happily.

Miguel Santos from EMSA TECNICA DE MAQUINARIA is also very happy about the good feedback. The companies of JENZ, Emsa Maquinaria and Proyectos SL have been working together on the Spanish market for over two years now. In the same year, the Spanish JENZ dealer also extended its activities to the Portuguese market and founded EMSA TECNICA DE MAQUINARIA. Miguel Santos is responsible for the Portuguese branch office and, since 2018, for sales and service of JENZ machines.