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27.04.2021 | Next Level Shredding – BA 916 D

Next Level Shredding – BA 916 D

Petershagen (ghm). Technically mature and perfectly adapted to the operator - this is how the new BA 916 D biomass processor presented itself in spring 2020. Now the first machines are on the market, as are the associated initial usage experiences. These show that the BA 916 not only scores points in terms of userfriendliness, but that the enormously improved draw-in behaviour is even more noticeable to customers. JENZ Aktuell asked how the green waste specialist is doing in practice.

The advantages of the BA 916 - your top 3:

Umweltpartner Vogel AG | driver Josef Walter
1. Simple operation and good maintenance accessibility
2. A lot of power with simultaneous low noise
3. Perfect draw-in behaviour
(„I have tested almost all manufacturers - unbeatable by a long way”)

OAR Humus- und Erdenwerk | Technical Operations Manager Stefan Paustian
1. Engine fuel consumption - we are thrilled
2. The setup assistant helps the driver not to forget
anything so that they are quickly ready to work
3. We would not want to do without the swivelling toolbox

Hausschild Kommunal- und Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG | Junior Manager Miklas Hauschild
1. Handling - good, intuitive and quick to learn
2. The engine performance and the slightly reduced diesel consumption
compared with our predecessor
3. Quickly ready for use thanks to the setup assistant


  1. Umweltpartner Vogel AG | driver Josef Walter
    » The control system is very well thought out because operation is simple and logical. The accompanying new easy2CONNECT radio remote control has all the necessary functions as well as a long range. Special advantage: the charging station on the machine. The display is a little too small for the older generations, though. «

  2. OAR Humus- und Erdenwerk  | Techn. Operations Manager Stefan Paustian
    » The easy2CONNECT remote control is very handy and easy to use thanks to the pre-programmed functions. The easy2 controller on the machine itself is tidy and clearly laid out. «

  3. Hausschild Kommunal- und Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG  | Miklas Hauschild
    » I consider the easy2 control panel to be very intuitive and easy to understand. It has good setting options, especially for roller and draw-in speed. We have not yet used the option of remote maintenance or online diagnosis, but it is reassuring to have this function. «


  1. Setup/dismantling assistant | Josef Walter
    » The setup/dismantling assistant achieves rapid readiness for use. I think it's an ingenious solution and the machine is ready to go in just a few minutes. The function is a boon, especially for daily maintenance. «

  2. Operator Info System | Stefan Paustian
    » We liked the active status feedback via the LED flashing lights on the roof right from the start. This means the machine communicates directly with the driver during operation. Our driver quickly got used to the status messages and no longer wants to work without them. «

  3. GFA draw-in regulating system | Miklas Hauschild
    » The system for the GFA draw-in regulating system is used almost continuously. An absolute advantage during daily work because we only have to make a few adjustments by remote control. The system ensures excellent draw-in behaviour all by itself. «


  1. Umweltpartner Vogel AG | Two generations – Birgit and Franz Vogel
    » We are very satisfied with the shredder, its performance and the service from JENZ. We are also convinced that the machine, which is named after the driver, "Josef I." is an all-round carefree package for us. Our driver praised the draw-in behaviour in particular and what counts for us is that the output material meets the precise composting requirements. «
  2. OAR Humus- und Erdenwerk | techn. Operations Manager Stefan Paustian
    » The fact that, thanks to the IPS system, the machine opens everything and runs backwards when a stone or some iron is hit has saved us from major damage on several occasions. The throughput is fine and what is particularly relevant for us is that the output material is nice and even and we only have a few overlengths. We are always able to produce the right material thanks to various adjustment options. «

  3. Hauschild Kommunal- und Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG | Miklas Hauschild
    » The draw-in behaviour has improved significantly compared to our predecessor BA 725 DL. Especially with green waste, the fast roller and draw-in speed combined with the adjustable roller pressure ensures an aggressive draw-in which works very well even with unwieldy material. Output material is easily regulated thanks to appropriate draw-in speed settings and switching between eco and power modes. «