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11.11.2019 | One year HEM 841 Z – stay flexible, split the risks

One year HEM 841 Z – stay flexible, split the risks

Users report from the field

Petershagen (ghm). JENZ presented the new HEM 841 Z PTO chipper in summer 2018. These machines were designed for the large tractor class and have now been successfully in use for a little over a year. The largest PTO chipper ever built by JENZ requires an appropriately strong towing vehicle with a power requirement of between 180 and 400 kW, and this requires considerable investment.Is this investment worth it and how was practical experience with the largest PTO chipper? We asked customers, dealers and JENZ product management about this.

Rico Meyer, Management Assistant Hergen Stühmer GmbH contracting company from Stadtland near Oldenburg (HEM 841 Z since May 2019):

"The HEM 841 Z is designed for mass, which means it is unbeatable in throughput for us. We have only owned the power pack since the JENZ Professional Days in May 2019 and we use it in combination with our new powerful Fendt 1050. Since our chipping season normally starts in autumn, the combination has the advantage that we have already been able to use the tractor for other jobs during the summer. For us, the main task of the HEM 841 Z isn't just processing standing timber, but also processing treetop wood. The wider draw-in table of 1.40 m makes this possible without any problems at all, and we can achieve a considerable throughput over a normal day because the machine is easier to set up. Thanks to the machine's enormous throughput it is possible for us to implement several jobs in a very short time, which means the machine is completely utilised and the operating costs are also kept down."

Marco Arthaber, HEM 841 Z driver Johann Dumfahrt trading company from Irnfritz in Austria:

"The first thing I have to say is that working with the HEM 841 Z is really fun. The machine is driven by a Claas Xerion 5000 with 530 hp and the two machines in combination produce outstanding G30 and G100 chippings. This is made possible firstly by the shortened inactive area behind the bottom drawer-in roller, and secondly by the new smooth-running D1 rotor.The PTO chipper has around 1000 chipping hours on the clock after a year and was extremely well utilised with regard to the size of our operations. Currently we mainly work with spruce wood due to the major bark beetle infestation. The throughput is really convincing with between 300 and 350 lcm per hour. In October we had a presence at the AUSTROFOMA with JENZ. Transporting the machine to Forchtenstein, which is 180 km away, took me along very bendy roads and small villages. Thanks to its manoeuvrability the HEM 841 Z managed all this without any incidents!"