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01.01.1970 | Unrivalled flexibility - New features for the BA 916 BA 926

Unrivalled flexibility - New features for the BA 916 BA 926

Petershagen (ghm). In 2020, JENZ set new standards in throughput and flexibility with introduction of the new shredder generation BA 916 and BA 926. Both machines are specially designed for cost-effective operation. Now JENZ has given the two machines a smart facelift, and has optimised the two newcomers for even greater productivity and flexibility. .

Biomass potential fully exploited
Green waste, roots, bark, scrap wood or logs, both biomass processors can be deployed in virtually any material, "In our various demonstrations we have even shredded mattresses and chocolate", points out Product Manager Dominik Meden with a smile and again underscores the versatile implementation possibilities. The rotor system can be equipped either with free-swinging tools or fixed tools; this enables classic composting applications as well as shredding applications. Both machines can easily produce combustible material, in particular from material that push chippers to their limits.In addition to the equipment with sharp blades on the fixed rotor tools and use of the new two-piece lamella screen basket, the shredder mode appropriate for the material can be selected at the touch of a button. This command automatically converts roller pressure and virtually all other machine parameters to the shredding application. Also the construction of both shredders has effects on the end results, which are similar to wood chips. Whether this is due to the long and low belt hopper, which ensures optimal infeed of long bulky material, or to the repositioning of the lower feed roller, which conveys the material to the rotor in a controlled manner.

With regard to flexibility, the BA 926 offers an additional highlight: the TwinGear system. With a total of four work speeds, the TwinGear system enables fast changeover between chipping applications and shredding applications. "This is not available in any other high-speed device on the market", emphasizes Product Manager Dominik Meden. Touch a button to activate machine changeover from composting, where fast rotational speeds defibrate [825 rpm (Eco) or 950 rpm (Power)], to the reduced speed range [434 rpm (Eco) 500 rpm (Power)] to guarantee a defined material cut.

New hydraulic system JENZ Smart Hydraulic
More productivity - less power loss

• Extremely fast adaptation of the new GFA (Grinder Feed Assistant)
• More precise control of all hydraulic processes
• Maximum efficiency through optimal engine capacity utilisation
• Valves with diagnostic capability for the machine operators and the JENZ Service