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25.05.2018 | We can only remain competitive with a professional machine fleet

We can only remain competitive with a professional machine fleet

6x6 TRANS Kft. is counting on up-to-date engineering and is by now using its fourth JENZ machine

Letenye/Becshely (Hungary) (ehe). Sometimes it requires a push from the outside so that two partners can recognise an opportunity for successful cooperation. This is exactly what the Hungarian company 6x6 TRANS Kft. did in 2008 when it enquired about a wood chipper at the current JENZ dealer Forest Power, and therefore laid the foundations for successful cooperation between all three companies.

András Bálint, general manager of the Hungarian JENZ dealer Forest Power, can still remember everything quite clearly. "The 6x6 TRANS Kft. company contacted us and enquired about a professional chipping machine. We then contacted JENZ. So it was that the HEM 582 R-Truck became the first Chippertruck we sold as a new machine in Hungary." This was not the last Chippertruck they delivered. Further machines of the same type followed in 2011 and 2014. At the beginning of 2018, a new power takeoff machine of type HEM 583 Z was delivered. "We use our power takeoff machine in particularly rough terrain. If we use the Chippertrucks we are more mobile in comparison and can travel to jobs which are further away" explained Imre Horváth, owner of 6x6 TRANS Kft.

The forestry technician founded the company 18 years ago together with two further partners. "At the time I was working for the state forestry organisation. My partner and I wanted to found a competitive and innovative forestry services company" he said. The name of the company reflects the time at which it was founded: "We named our company after the first timber HGV which was specially built for the conditions of the time" he continued.

Nowadays, Imre Horváth is the sole owner of 6x6 TRANS Kft. and has 27 employees. He and his team provide services mostly to large private forestry owners and state forestry organisations. "We organise and carry out forestry work for these companies. This ranges from logging and timber forwarding up to transport and woodchipping production. For the latter, the businessman has recognised changing requirements over the last few years. "The demand is high in the winter period and we can easily sell our woodchippings to Hungarian, Slovenian and Austrian power stations and district heating stations. In the summer period, when the demand is lower, the requirements increase." The market especially demands coarser woodchippings with less fines content. "This is why we made a specific decision to buy the HEM 583 Z with its series hydraulic blower."

"We use our machines in a radius of up to 100 km around our locations of Letenye and Becshely in south-west Hungary in the vicinity of the Croatian and Slovenian borders" continued the businessman. In this case "our machines" means a rather impressive vehicle fleet. At the moment, 6x6 TRANS is using three JENZ chippers. On top of this there are four forwarders, a harvester, a range of timber transporters for forest and road transport, two Fasttrac tractors, a telescopic loader and a 9-ton excavator which is fitted with a harvester unit or a felling unit as required.

Imre Horváth counts on continuous further company development: "We have to stay on the ball technically otherwise we cannot meet the changing requirements, and would be endangering our competitiveness." This is another reason why he specifically decided to buy JENZ machines: "It is crucial for our customers that we provide reliable services. For this reason we simply have to have a machine fleet which stands out due through high quality and is provided with reliable service and spare parts provision. And this is what we get from JENZ. It is of course also enormously important that we are extremely satisfied with our Hungarian JENZ dealer Forest Power. We have had a personal and trustworthy relationship over many years, and of course this positively influenced our decision to buy JENZ."