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HEM 593 R Cobra

  • shrubs and standing timber up to approx. 560 mm diameter
  • alternative to tractor with power takeoff shaft chipper
  • ideal machine for medium to large jobs
  • ideal for working in restricted spaces
  • large deployment radius
  • chipper drive via HGV motor
  • rotating (Cobra) driver's cab for best overview
  • HGV can also be relocated with rotated cab and full carrier vehicle tractive force
  • chipper series with widest draw-in table (1.40 m) makes processing of bulky material and thick trunks easier
  • material outfeed using centric hydraulic blower
  • optimised draw-in table for continuous material draw-in
  • enormous screen basket cover swivel capability for optimal accessibility of rotor and screen basket changing without tools
  • extremely large screen area for best chipping quality
  • 80 km/h top speed

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