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Centrical blower

The blower, which is installed in the middle of the chipper truck, between the driver‘s cab and the chipping cell, JENZ allows to throw out woodchippings to the front above the driver’s cab. This construction method mainly provides three advantages: It is, for example, less dangerous to chip roadside vegetation at highways, when the loading truck is in front of the mobile chipper and does not have to sheer out of line in order to transport the chipped material. This argumentation also applies for chipping fuel wood logs in forests with narrow paths or in the mountains.

. Moreover, the new “centrical blower” provides a better distribution of weight on the axes of the carrier vehicle, as the permitted axle load of the rear axle is often exhausted with a rear blower. The hydraulic blower drive provides further advantages: The ventilator speed can be regulated independent of the chipping rotor speed. Thus, the chips are safely thrown out even if the chipper speed is dangerously reduced. The risk to jam the machine is minimized.

. The high efficiency and the low wear are further positive aspects. The blower speed can be adjusted to the requirements. High speed, when the chips are to be thrown far away, low speed, when they are just to be thrown out and a vehicle standing nearby is to be loaded. As a result, the wear in the discharge blower is reduced, the chips are treated with care and the efforts and thus the diesel consumption are reduced. Moreover, the hydraulic blower is larger compared to the mechanically driven version: The components come from the larger chipper series HEM 820. So it is guaranteed that the chips are safely thrown out even at lower blower speeds.