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GFA / CFA / CFA2 - smart systems at JENZ...

GFA - system ("Grinder Feed Assistant")

In the biomass processor sector, the new GFA System(“Grinder Feed Assistant”) is now in use. In this case, sensors detect both the rotor speed and the drawin speed and match these two parameters optimally to the shredder operation. This enables the highest-possible throughput performances to be achieved when processing garden cuttings, organic waste and bark through a consistent high engine workload thanks to the new GFA system. Unproductive stopping of the draw-in can be almost completely avoided.

CFA - system ("Chipper Feed Assistant")

All JENZ chippers with easy2 controlling its are now fitted with the innovative CFA System (“Chipper Feed Assistant”). This system allows the draw-in speed to regulate itself via the rotor speed with the aim of optimum woodchipping quality. The drawin speed is adapted so that reversing is avoided, but the pre-grip remains almost constant despite this. If the rotor speed decreases, the draw-in speed decreases as well and the engine can remain continually at its maximum torque in ideal cases. Unnecessary reversing or stopping of the draw-in, which loads the drive engine, can be almost completely avoided and this leads to an evenly high and engine-caring workload.

CFA2 - system

The CFA system has been further developed to become the CFA2 System in order to relieve the load on the driver
and maximise throughput. In this case to drawin speed does not regulate itself via the rotor speed but additionally
via the top roller.