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Conveyor belts

As an alternative or additionally to the discharge blower, JENZ offers conveyor belts as equipment options for their mobile chippers. The chips are transported through the standing blower by means of a special device and then they are transferred to the discharge conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is situated at the rear side of the machine and it is hydraulically driven. It is laterally tiltable by 110 degrees and allows a maximum overload height of 5 m.

The additional weight can be accepted without any problems by the axes of the chipper. The discharge conveyor has got a considerably lower power requirement than a mechanically driven blower. The saved energy can be used in the machine for the actual task – the chipping. The operator can be pleased about higher throughput rates and lower fuel consumption per bulk cubic meters. Moreover, the conveyor belt is subject to a lower wear compared to the ejection blower. And the fine particles can be considerably reduced. However, not only are the customers happy about the better chip quality.

Fewer fine particles stand for fewer dust emissions. In addition, the conveyor belt works much more quietly than an ejection blower. Thus, grinding operations in residential areas or other sensitive environments are possible, where up to now such work has been unimaginable. For the operation, the cost-effectiveness of the machine usage is in the foreground. By means of the discharge conveyor, JENZ provides their customers an instrument to increase the capacity of their machine, to reduce the wear and to improve the chip quality.