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Drum types

Depending on customer wishes, basic material and required woodchipping quality JENZ offers different drum types: the open and the closed drum as well as the helix drum.

Due to the construction of the open drum, the chips are less compressed, finally leading to a reduction of the fine and finest particles. Moreover, a good chip flow for coarse chips is created.

The closed drum mainly avoids excessive lengths of shrubbery.

Using the available cutting force based on the model of the nature in an even more optimal way: That was the motivation for the development of the helix drum. For this purpose, the knives on the rotor cylinder have been arranged helically similar to the helix spiral. Thus, you cut consecutively and the cutting force is optimally concentrated on a small area. The strong impacts, when the blades hit into the wood, are distributed in a better way leading to a considerably smoother running with fewer vibrations. The rotor body consists of welded steel discs. Those discs are now equipped with deflectors for a better protection again foreign matters. As a result, the risk of important consequential damages by penetrating foreign matters is considerably reduced.

New in the range of chipper drums is the H1-drum. It is designed for the production of coarse wood chippings with low fines content. The H stands for helical drum and 1 stands for single cut. The new drum has been implemented as a single-cut-drum, which enables optimized outflow of the woodchippings. Removable wedges ensure simple and rapid conversion from 20 to 30 mm pre-grip distance, which is extremely important for the production of coarse woodchippings, and also means that the particle size distribution required by smaller plants does not present any problems. Thanks to the flexible and rapid conversion of the pre-grip distance and the screen baskets available, production of quality woodchippings at final grain sizes P31 or G50 is possible without further ado.