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easy system

Easy system is a rotor, which is equipped with tools, as core of the JENZ biomass processors. The main advantage of the patented system is the simple tool installation. The different tools – the easyfit hammer, the easyguard wear protection, the easycover spacer and the fixed hammer easycut – are correctly positioned in the rotor and firmly fixed before the hammer rod is installed for fixing purposes. This rod is subsequently pushed through the hammers and the rotor protection tools to finally fix them.

The installation is carried out by one person without using any tools. Thus, the specification “easy system” has been created. Easyfit tools are free running hammers which can be optimally used to grind scrap and residual wood. It can flexibly avoid polluted material to eliminate possible damages. The smallest of the four tools, easyguard, protects the rotor body, the hammer rods and the sleeves against wear, as it avoids the direct contact of these components with the material to be ground. In contrast to the easyfit hammer, the easycut hammer is firmly installed and does not avoid anything. Thus, it has got a very high cutting force as it is required to grind solid wood and tree roots.

To begin with, the new tool easycover has got comparable tasks as easyguard that means to protect the rotor, the hammer rods and the sleeves. Its actual purpose, however, it to limit the cutting length by closing the normally open rotor by the large surface of the easycover. During the grinding process, the material does not enter the rotor, even when short, hard roots are processed, the impact load of the motor is avoided, the true running is improved and the service life is increased. As a result, the output material is also improved.