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Easygreen is based upon a display control leading the operator intuitively through the machine control and providing an optimal use. As JENZ uses the new control in all series, the training efforts are reduced to a minimum. The basic menu navigation is always the same. The machine can be used in an even more efficient way due to numerous additional functions. For example, it is possible to adjust, for example, the crane control (sensibility, speed, joystick assignment) to the individual requirement of each driver.

This is the condition for maximum productivity for the feeding process. The operator can save his settings in a user profile and can call them any time. With easygreen the operator can master the machine costs. The fuel consumption and the actually available torque can be read in the display of the JENZ diesel machines. Any references to errors are automatically indicated. With this information, the operator can optimize the setting of the machine and thus improve the cost-effectiveness. When you know your costs, you know where to save money. The entrepreneur can register orders and economic information by means of easygreen. The data can be transferred via an USB interface to a company-specific data processing, where they can be used for customer accounting or for own evaluations.