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Hydraulic ventilator

JENZ construction engineers developed a mobile chipper with hydraulically driven ventilator on the basis of an HEM 582 Z. In this respect, they reverted to a large ventilator of the series HEM 820.

By means of the hydraulic drive and equipped with an adjustment pump and a constant motor, the discharge remains regular, even if the speed of the drive motor is reduced, for example when trunk wood with different diameters is to be chipped. Moreover, during operation the operator can infinitely adjust the speed of the throwing blades at the easygreen display between 450 rpm and 1,050 rpm .

Here the principle applies, as slow as possible, as fast as required. Hereby, the required power for the ventilator drive can be reduced by up to 60 %. For control and optimization purposes of the adjustment, the operator can read the required power directly at the easygreen display.

The result approaches to that of the conveyor belt as discharge technology: The chip quality is increased because the optimized ventilator speed destroys fewer chips and thus the zero portion is reduced. The spreading while blowing off the chips is reduced - fewer chips fly wrong.
The wear and operating costs are considerably reduced with the larger ventilator case in connection with a reduced speed.