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Professional Line Paket

"Chippertruck 2.1 -Professional Line" builds on absolute user-friendliness

Professional Line signifies an additional package. Basically, the idea is to set the machine up to make it as user-friendly as possible. In other words: The driver's everyday problems were analyzed and specific solutions developed.

The package is extensive and contains a range of different options. For example, the easyLight premium lighting package provides perfect lighting for the entire machine. We also added the professional tool system with its practical swivelling toolbox and ergonomic access together with the additional rear support. The cone splitter can also be ordered in addition to the professional line package depending on the machine type. This makes a combination of centric blower and add-on splitter possible as well.

A lot has happened to the controller as well. For example the package containsthe CFA2, which is the new draw-in regulator for our mobile chippers. Overallwe have carried out more than 30 major and minor modifications to the machine controller. For example, the machine can now start producing the first chippings less than 50 seconds after reaching the chipping location. That doesn't just make life easier for the driver, but it also increases the efficiency of the machine thanks to reduced setup time. The idea is to make the machine as efficient as possible durnig use. It shall be ready for action quickly, easy to operate and to maintain and, of course, flexible.